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About VII

Most of our guild members are in their late twenties to mid thirties and are experienced raiders going back to UO, EQ and Classic WoW. These games saw most of us leading the way in server first guilds. Striving for success, raiding eight or more hours, seven days a week, we farmed mats at all hours of the night to provide the necessities of our communities' raiding campaigns. We are still those people. However, the game has evolved.

Time is the major constraint of our company and raiding progress. Condensed down into as many hours per night as we can muster, we come prepared not only with flasks and potions, food and reagents, but with the same intense, precise expertise of our singular class and spec just as we have since the beginning of our raiding tenure.

For Warlords of Draenor our pool of experience and strategies will be expounded on with the campaigns from those classic games.

We rest assured that our transition to Warlords of Draenor will be done together with great people we know in a community that has been successful for over five years.

Family. Friendship. Loyalty.

Where do you fit into all this?




Mission: We endeavor to build selflessly a guild environment that provides success. Binding ourselves to the rules and terms below, we believe we can achieve our goals.

Code of Conduct:

  • If the majority come to think that the guild would be better off without you, it will be.
  • Personal attacks of any nature, especially racial, ethnic, or sexual harassment, will lead to immediate enforcement of the first rule.
  • Loot is the tool which helps the team progress. We expect everyone on the team to work towards that common goal. We pre-plan our gearing, and are willing to make sacrifices to benefit the team as a whole.
  • We are proud of our good name. Our players are good representatives of VII wherever they go.
  • By accepting a guild invitation you accept all these rules and terms and bind yourself with our cause.

Membership Requirements:

  • A constructive attitude when working with our team members and the ability to get along well with them on a regular basis.
  • A high tolerance for mature language and discussions.
  • The ability to focus 100% of your mental faculties on our raid encounters every night.
  • The commitment to strive for 100% attendance, especially during new content.
  • Extensive knowledge of your class' mechanics for all specs and roles.
  • Extensive knowledge of all planned encounters and the ability to research encounters, even those that are new, that have only been data mined or that have no known data.
  • Extensive knowledge of all aspects of each encounter including the roles of your fellow raiders both academically and practically.
  • The ability to apply your extensive knowledge of your class on maximizing your gear to be as prepared and capable as possible for raiding every night.
  • The commitment to research classes, specs, roles and encounters on the PTR and Beta servers.
  • A working Mumble installation and working microphone are required for essential oral communication. Zero exceptions will be allowed.
  • US English localization and absolutely no special characters in your name. No tildes, no umlauts, no ASCII alt+number-pad combinations will be accepted.



Loot Council

VII strives for an atmosphere of decency and trust with a specific drive to succeed which conveys the following understandings:

  • If we kill a boss then we are going to kill it again.
  • We know and wish for one another to succeed and have the maturity to discuss the appropriate use of loot in a rational manner.
  • Loot is for progression of the group, not the individual. This is to further progress boss kills and garner even more loot.



Raid Times (GMT -4)


  • Sunday - Thursday; 8 PM- 12 AM EST


  • Tuesday - Thursday; 8 PM- 12 AM EST



Application Process

  • All applications are confidential and only visible to the applicant and VII's raiding members.
  • Incomplete applications are libel to be deleted.
  • Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed by raiding members of VII.
  • There will be discussion about your application both with you on the website and internally amongst VII raiders.
  • If there is interest, a Mumble interview will be scheduled, along with continued website discussions.
  • If you are accepted for a trial, you will be brought into the guild to be evaluated on the above requirements for about one month with the rank of Trial.
  • The trial period will end at our discretion. Once we have decided a full evaluation has been performed, a vote will be called.
  • If the vote is successful you will be promoted to full raiding member.
  • If the vote fails you will be removed from the guild.


Apply to VII

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