WarCraft devs tweet to counter claims about #GamerGate

Today, the WarCraft developers Twitter account tweeted a screenshot of an email from a former developer of the game, stating that the developer “filed an official complaint” against the alleged harassment campaign.

In the email, the developer claims that the “hate and violence directed at [him] was a direct result of the efforts of people who do not belong to us and our community.”

The developer also accuses Blizzard of “actively working against” him.

The developer’s Twitter account also posted a link to a “post on #Gamergate” stating that a developer named “Benjamin H. (Ben) Zolak” “finally filed an official grievance against the harassment and discrimination of my company and other employees.”

“Ben’s #Gamergaters are a direct and indirect result of their anti-consumerism efforts, which I have documented in this post on #GGGate,” the tweet read.

The tweet is dated July 23, 2018.

In his post, Zolack said that he was told by Blizzard employees that he should “disconnect from #Gamer Gate and that he could not post anything about me.”

“They told me I could not even speak about myself or work with anyone,” Zolaka wrote.

“I was not allowed to work with or even speak to people who worked on the game.

I was not even allowed to contact the people who had worked on my game.

And they told me they would not allow me to use the hashtag #GamerGaters.”

The tweet was written on July 23.

Zolankh also alleges that he received death threats, including from an account called “Ben Zolaks Revenge” and an anonymous group called “Ferguson 2.0,” as a result of his complaints.

He also alleges “lots of hate mail, threats of physical violence, and rape threats” from the same anonymous account, as well as “an account named ‘Ben’ with the handle ‘Ben Zalak.'”

Zolake also said that the account “was not associated with the developer’s real name or the name of the person who created it.”

Zolakov, Zalakov, and Zolakh are all former employees of Blizzard.

According to Zolkows tweet, he did not receive an email confirming his complaint and that “Ben did not respond to my calls to confirm that he filed the complaint.”

Zalkovich was also contacted by the developers account on July 24 and said that “it is important that we understand the issues we have, and that we communicate them to the community as clearly as possible.”

The tweets are dated July 22, 2018 and July 24, 2018, and both Zalkov and Zalakh have previously tweeted that they were told by the company to “disregard” #Gamer Gaters comments.

Blizzard did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington News.

Zalkhovsky was also a developer of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Zalmov is currently an employee of Blizzard, but has not responded to a requests for comment.

The tweets also show that the developers of Blizzard have “never supported #Gamer’s harassment campaign,” but that they “reject the notion that there are ‘gamergate’ people who are behind this.”

“We are extremely disappointed by these allegations and are actively working to investigate them,” Blizzard said in a statement.

“As previously announced, we are investigating the claims and are working to address them in a way that protects our employees and our customers, and in accordance with our community guidelines.

We continue to stand behind the people in our community who speak out against this type of harassment.”

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