Which new war game will be the next Warcraft sequel?

The latest installment of the popular World of Warcraft franchise is expected to launch on PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One this summer.

The game has been praised by critics and players alike, and a few weeks ago, Blizzard revealed a new trailer for the game.

Now, Blizzard has officially confirmed that a new sequel is in the works, and that the game is expected out sometime next year.

In a new interview with GamesIndustry International, lead writer and executive producer Michael Chu said the sequel is going to focus on the Paladins, who return from the Warlords of Draenor expansion and now join the fray in Warlords 2.

Chu went on to explain that the new game is going into a different world, and the new characters are all “pretty different,” including the Paladin class.

Chu said that Blizzard wants to bring in new players into the game, so players will have to start over from scratch.

“The idea is to give players the chance to create their own story and new characters,” Chu said.

“You’ll see Paladin characters, and you’ll see the Paladian Paladin, and we want to create a story that’s very similar to the original Warlords, so it’s like the old Warlords meets the new Warlords.”

While the game may be based on the Warcraft universe, Chu said there are a few different factions in the world of Draeden, including the Horde and the Alliance.

The team will also be introducing new characters to the mix, such as a new female paladin named Talon.

Chu also mentioned that a lot of the Paladelins have new skills, such in combat and crafting, and also new abilities.

Players can already download the game on Steam, but there’s still a way to play it, and Chu explained that there will be a single-player campaign, but no in-game currency.

Chu and co. are also planning to offer a story mode that players can play through in-between levels.

Players will have the opportunity to fight against the Horde in the upcoming raid, called The Burning Crusade.

This is a PvP mode that will be playable in-engine, as well.

It’s a pretty ambitious idea, but Chu said he was still excited about it.

“It’s a huge challenge,” Chu told me.

“We’ve always had that in-house challenge, and with this, we’re definitely going to push it to its limits.”

The team is also looking at bringing in new characters from other universes to the game as well, and said they are working on adding new playable races to the list.

The next expansion is currently scheduled to be released on June 16, but this new trailer also showed off a brand new character from one of the original factions.

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