‘I’ll have to eat some of your shit’: The latest in the war between two groups of gamers

The battle between the two gaming groups of players has been raging for months, but it was only this week that the two sides finally came to blows over what they consider to be the wrongdoings of one group.

The dispute is the latest in a long-running battle between a group of gaming personalities known as the “gamers” and the “Trolls”.

In February, the gaming community launched the “Gamers for War” campaign, which asked its members to “stop the hate” and “come together to help solve the war” over the use of the word “Tropes”.

The campaign is meant to highlight a series of “misunderstandings” that have occurred across the gaming scene, including accusations of racism, sexism, transphobia, and even sexism in the gaming industry.

GamerGate is a large-scale movement, organised by a number of former members of the gaming communities Discord and Twitter, which has sprung up in response to these accusations.

The group has been campaigning against the use and abuse of the term “Tampons” since January and has been accused of misogyny and racism.

A group of prominent figures in the game community have also joined the “Gamergate” movement, including a number who are known to have been in the trenches during the recent war.

The war between these groups of gaming enthusiasts and the trolls is said to be over a number more controversial issues, such as Gamergate, and some members of these groups have claimed to have received death threats.

A series of tweets and videos from both sides were posted on the internet over the weekend, and it has been suggested that some of these accusations may have been fabricated.

In a series published on Monday, the “Dota 2” player “Chronicle” claimed that his Twitter account was hacked by trolls and that he had received death and rape threats.

“The people who made the accusations of harassment and death threats against me are obviously very angry,” Chronicle told the website.

“They are claiming that I have made statements that are anti-Gamergate and have attacked gamers.”

The account was then followed by another user, “AeonOfWar”, who claimed that Chronicle’s account was also hacked.

Aeon ofWar went on to say that Chronicles account was “a joke”, and that Chronics tweet was also fake.

“I don’t know what you guys think you know about me, but I know you guys are trolling,” Aeon ofWarrants told the site.

“I am going to get you.

I will do whatever I have to do to get revenge for the death threats and harassment you have been sending me for months.”

In another video, “SargonOfAzkaban” claimed to be a member of the “trolls” and that the group was “just like the trolls.”

Sargon ofAzkaba said: “I’m not a troll, I don’t have a vendetta against gamers, and I’m not going to make any more threats against gamers.

I just want to give them a heads up.””

The trolls are a real threat to gaming.

They will kill any gamers they see, and we’ll get them out of the way,” he added.”

If I could see them again, I would go kill them.

We will be the saviors of gaming.”

In a separate video, Chronicle was asked by a user of the Twitter account “SjowTorture” if he was a troll.

“You guys think I’m a troll?

I don ‘t think so,” Chronicles response was.

The “trolling” community has been quick to condemn Chronicles claims, with the gaming forums known for their high level of toxicity being filled with accusations of rape and death.

“Dude is just the latest troll to come along, it ‘s always been that way, and he’s been doing this for years,” one forum user wrote.

“Trolling is just one of those things you’re supposed to laugh about, but you’ll never laugh about it.”

“If you are a gamer and you’re feeling angry or scared or scared, you are probably not alone,” another user said.

“Don’t worry, your trolls aren’t here to get your hopes up.”

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