“Warcraft: A Tale of the Sword and the Shield” (Norton, 2017)

by Steve Benen When I first heard that there was going to be a WarCraft novel, I wasn’t too concerned.

At all.

I knew that when I read a book like WarCraft, it was going be a book of epic proportions.

As someone who has read a lot of epic novels, WarCraft was one of the first things that came to mind.

But I had been meaning to read a fantasy novel for a long time, and the prospect of a fantasy story didn’t even come up in my mind.

I’ve always enjoyed fantasy novels.

I’m a sucker for the thrill of discovery.

I love the idea of discovering something new, of getting to know characters, of seeing the world from their perspective, of making new friends, and of all the other fun things you can do with a fantasy book.

But for me, when I first read a story like Warcraft, it made me wonder if I’d been too focused on the fantasy aspect of the book, too much on the epic.

When I finally read WarCraft: A Book of the Dead, I knew I’d read the story with a certain amount of focus on the characters and the story and the world.

The story itself is epic in scope, but I can tell you the first half of the novel is just about the characters.

The first half is all about the war.

The novel begins with the War Chief, who is an elderly warlord who is known for his ferocious war tactics and for being a bit of a bully.

The War Chief has become the War King, who has become a sort of king in his own right.

He has been a warlord for a very long time and he’s been the warlord of the world for a much longer time.

But he’s also a man with a lot to offer.

He’s a warrior, a warleader, and he has a deep and abiding respect for his own family.

He knows that the old people in the world don’t like him and he knows that he can’t keep his family in line.

So he’s trying to do whatever it takes to protect his people, to maintain the peace, to keep his people from being killed or taken away.

So when he finds out that the great wizard Quelana, a woman who is a friend of his, is about to die, the WarKing is determined to find her and save her.

And when he does, he’s going to do anything he can to stop her.

The book ends with the battle that took place just outside of the city.

Quelan, the warleader and the king, have come to the edge of the mountain and are about to be overrun by the great sorceress Quelanna, who will have her revenge on the WarChief.

But when the war is about turn, Quelane is going to take her revenge.

The first half starts with Quelans sister, Dae, who we learn in the book is a child of the war, and is very intelligent.

She is very well-read, but she’s also very vulnerable.

She has learned to read and write.

She can also write.

In the book she writes a book called The Book of Quelanas Book, which describes what she sees when she walks through the city streets.

She writes in it that her brother and his father were both sorceresses.

And she also tells the War chief, “You see, I can read.

I can write.”

So there’s an obvious connection between these two sisters.

In The Book, she talks about her brother, and she talks of her father, and they both had to be killed because of their magic, which is something that Dae and her sister are very well trained in.

But they’re also very capable, intelligent, and compassionate.

She also says that Quelanes brother was a warrior and a war leader and a king.

She talks about the great sorcerer Quelannas mother, and her father was a wizard and he was also very skilled at magic.

They were the greatest sorcerers in all of the lands.

They had a great magic, and Dae is very interested in magic.

But she is also very concerned about the safety of her family, about the peace in the kingdom, and about keeping her family from being taken away by Quelanyas revenge.

She’s very clear about this.

She doesn’t want her sister to be taken away because of her magic, because she’s so concerned about her family.

She wants to keep her family safe.

She’s very much in the middle of the battle and she’s very clearly aware of the situation, but in a very very real way.

The characters are also very very clearly connected to each other.

Dae has a strong, protective relationship with Quelinas, and so Dae’s sister is very much a part of the family.

I think Daes sister

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