WarCraft 3 wiki is a mess

WarCraft III is the latest game in the long-running franchise, and the first to be released for the Wii U console. 

There are plenty of problems with the wiki, which is still in beta, and there’s also the question of what to do with it. 

But what you need to know about WarCraft Wiki: What is a wiki? 

It’s an online wiki, often called a “wiki for the community” or a “wikimedia commons”. 

It was created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2010 as a place to keep track of updates, discuss game mechanics and discuss Warcraft lore. 

Its main aim is to keep the game alive, and so its content is constantly updated. 

It is also where players can find more information about the game, such as new patches or new heroes. 

When the beta release was announced, the wiki had a number of problems, including a lack of information on the game’s characters and its story. 

Warcraft Wiki had a lot of problems during the beta period. 

What are the problems? 

During beta, the developers created a new wiki, a community page that had a few hundred posts. 

While that was a great start, the community page was also buggy and could not be viewed. 

The Wiki team worked on fixing it, but the problems persisted, so they made the wiki a separate page. 

“The wiki was a place where we could keep track,” Sebastian “Seb” Lipschutz, who helped write the wiki’s code, told Kotaku. 

“[But] the wiki also wasn’t stable.

There were a lot bugs in it.” 

Eventually, the team worked out a fix, and it was updated to fix some of the wiki bugs and add more information. 

Then, on August 12, 2017, the game released. 

According to Lipschauss, it was a huge improvement over the wiki. 

However, the page that was created for the new wiki has been left untouched, and has become the home for some of WarCraft’s older content. 

Lipschauses team wrote that “some users have had the page turn into a wiki of old warcraft 3 and old wario wiki, and are now using it as their main warcraft wiki”. 

But some of these pages aren’t even relevant to the game. 

Serene “Wes” Johnson, who was a member of the WarCraft wiki team before being fired from Blizzard in October, told us that they “took the page as a placeholder”. 

“Some users have complained that the page isn’t updated in a timely fashion and/or that they don’t have any current information about their character in-game,” Johnson said. 

This page is also the home of many links to the older wiki.

It is also littered with information about characters like Orgrim Doomhammer, the first Warcraft III hero, as well as new information about Blizzard’s World of Warcraft expansion. 

In addition to the wiki page, the new WarCraftWiki.org website features a number other things. 

One of these is a “Warcraft” section that displays some of those old warcomers’ wiki entries. 

Another is a guide to the Battle.net forums. 

And a third is a list of popular WarCraft heroes, such a Tuskarr and Tuskar. 

Is it a problem? 

The problem with this wiki page is that it is not the same as the old WarCom3Wiki.com page, which was used for Warcraft Wiki. 

For instance, there’s no mention of the game in WarComWiki. 

Wes Johnson told us: “The WarCom Wiki page doesn’t say ‘Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne’, nor does it say ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’. 

It only says ‘WarCraft 3: Warlords of Draenor’.” However it is a good thing that the wiki has come back to life, because there are still a lot more things that are missing. 

You can find a link to the old wiki page here: WarCraftWiki4.1.3.0.html

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