What we learned from the Battle of the Bastards in World War 1

With the British Empire already falling, the battle of the French Ardennes was a turning point in Europe’s history.

The French were not going to let the Germans get a foothold in the Rhineland.

In May 1915, the French Army took the initiative.

On the night of June 18th, the Germans stormed the French village of Toulouse.

It was a decisive moment in the battle.

The Germans quickly retreated across the Loire River and into the Ardennes.

At this point, the German army was well outgunned and outnumbered.

The Americans were well prepared.

On July 19, the British and French armies met in the Ardents, with the French army having the advantage in numbers and numbers of men.

With the Germans retreating, the Americans decided to take the initiative and attack.

The British, meanwhile, were still on the move, heading towards the Loiries River.

They had to take advantage of the Germans retreat.

The US Army’s commander, General George Patton, was on the march.

Patton was confident that the British would be beaten.

In an address to the British General Staff on July 26, he said: We know that the Germans have already withdrawn.

They will have lost a tremendous number of men, and the French have suffered a great loss.

But the French can still hold their position and hold the line.

The Battle of Toussaint, however, was not a decisive one for the French.

The Ardennes River was not navigable.

The German Army had crossed the Loirches River, and Patton and his men had to cross the river to reach their objective.

They crossed the river at the junction of two river valleys, one between the Loirs and the Rhone.

As Patton and the British troops crossed the Rhine, they encountered a massive German machine gun battery.

The fire from the gun made the French think that the enemy had broken through their lines and was marching towards them.

The men of the 4th Canadian Division, which had been in position at the Loirlines, started to prepare to engage the German artillery.

The American soldiers were ordered to retreat to a location on the Loira.

Patton ordered the artillery to advance along the Loertes, where they encountered German machine guns.

The 2nd Canadian Division and the 5th Canadian Infantry Regiment arrived at the battlefront just as the Germans were preparing to advance.

The 5th was ordered to withdraw from the Loiroys.

The 1st Canadian Division moved into position on the upper Loire Valley, facing a German infantry division.

As the Americans prepared to take their positions, Patton ordered his men to make their way to the crest of the Loires.

The 3rd Canadian Division was on its right flank, facing the 2nd and 3rd British Divisions.

The 4th was on a hillside just south of the 2 British Divisons.

Patton’s men were in front of the German gun emplacements.

The infantrymen were moving up on the hillside.

As they advanced, the artillerymen were firing at the Germans.

Patton commanded his men, telling them to hold their positions.

As his men continued to advance, they were shot at from all directions.

Patton and several other senior officers tried to direct his men toward the artillery positions.

One officer said: “The guns are so close, we can’t see the enemy.

The only thing that can be done is to hold your positions.”

Patton ordered Patton to retreat back to the base of his main headquarters.

On August 11, the 3rd Division advanced across the River Loire and reached the German positions.

The commanding officer, General William Dyer, was killed.

The remaining men of that division were sent to a POW camp in the Loose Valley.

General Patton was wounded in the leg and was taken off to a hospital.

In the meantime, the 1st and 3d Canadian Divisions were advancing toward the German position.

The artillerymen continued to fire at the German troops and the Americans began to move to attack the positions.

Patton sent General William Briscoe, his adjutant, to the area to provide a defensive line.

Briscoer and a detachment of 2,500 Canadian Infantrymen, accompanied by several riflemen, made a run for the German guns and artillery positions, which were being defended by German riflemen.

On top of a hilltop, a company of Canadian artillerymen began to fire on the Germans from the opposite side of the river.

At least four times, the firing stopped, but Briscoes men were wounded in their hands, and some of his men died.

The Canadian artilleryman who was wounded was a Corporal William E. Brissett, who was killed the next day.

Patton, his men and Briscoed, were killed.

General E.E. Macdonald was appointed commander of the 3d Division and was given command of the 1,500 men who were in the area.

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