Battle of the Wizards: WarCraft 3 reimagined

The original Warcraft 3 was a huge hit in the West, spawning a franchise that is still going strong today.

But the game’s popularity has seen a lot of sequels, a few remake attempts, and even a reboot of the franchise.

In honor of the anniversary of the game, I took a look at the game in detail, examining the different factions, races, and heroes, as well as the lore behind each of them.

Here’s what I found.


The Trolls and their allies are the most terrifying faction in the game.

If you’re new to Warcraft, they’re the orcs of Azeroth.

They’re basically the evil cousins of the Burning Legion, and while they’re not the most powerful of the three, they do possess a lot more than they’re given credit for.

They have a lot bigger, better, and better spells.

They also have a whole host of other things that are just really bad.

The best way to describe them is the Death Knights.

The trolls and their trolls are the greatest enemies of the Alliance, and in Warcraft 3 they’re even more evil.

In the film, the trolls are also the heroes.

They are not, however, evil.

They represent the Alliance and are very different from their film counterparts.


The orcs have the most magical abilities in the whole game.

There are a ton of them, but not all of them are magical.

Most of them use them for combat, and a few of them have other powers as well.

Some of them also have their own special powers.

They tend to use magic to heal, heal wounds, and give the appearance of healing.


The orc king is really, really powerful.

If the orc warriors aren’t as powerful as the human soldiers, the orc king really has the upper hand.

He’s got a bunch of powerful spells and is extremely powerful.


The troll king is the greatest.

He has the most spells in the entire game, and his magic is also the strongest in the movie.

He also has the strongest body of the troll species, which is why he’s so powerful.


The human warriors are the strongest.

The humans are pretty weak, but they are also a great bunch of orcs, and they’re also very skilled.


The dragon is the weakest.

The dragons are one of the most fearsome and powerful races in the world.

The reason they’re so strong is because they’re mostly composed of dragons, and the dragons are the only ones that are capable of using magic, and most of them can only use it when their eyes are open.


The draenei are the best.

They do a lot, but it’s not just the orcs and the draenei that have the best magic.

They can use their magic to help allies and to help their enemies, and their dragons are also quite good at using magic to aid them.


The worgen are the worst.

They look and act like the worst of humanity, but their magic is actually pretty good.

The only thing that makes them even worse is that they use it on other people, and it’s really easy to see how they can be a danger when they do it on you.


The tauren are the toughest race in the Warcraft world.

They’ve got a lot power, but are also one of, if not the, most powerful races.

They use a lot magic, but most of their magic comes from the dragons, who also are very powerful.


The ogre is the most annoying race.

The ogres are not the greatest of the races, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

They just have some really annoying traits.

They generally don’t have a very good personality, and some of their problems are more annoying than good.


The centaur are the least annoying.

They usually do pretty well.


The night elves are the weakest race in Warcraft.

They probably are not that bad, but in Warcraft III, they are the main antagonists.

They appear in the film as a lot less powerful than in the book, but still have a bunch more abilities than their movie counterparts.


The zandalari are the closest race to the Horde in the novel.

They were never really the most dangerous race, but Zandalari in the books are one.

The Zandalar are not as powerful or as powerful in the novels, but the Zandalarian are the ones who do have a bad personality.


The pandaren are the opposite of the Horde.

They don’t seem to have much power.

They seem to be the only race in WoW that actually has an enemy, and that enemy is the orcish Horde.

In WoW, they appear to be one of those races that only appear in one book.


The gnomes are the smallest race in game.

They make up about one-fifth of the population of

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