Naga warcasters call for ‘cleanse of the air’

In a message released to the public Sunday, the Naga Warcasters call on people to take a cleanse of their air, water, and land.

The Naga are a traditional warrior race who live in the jungles of the Philippines and the Amazon, but now they are also in need of a clean break.

They call for people to become aware of their pollution, as well as to take action to clean up their own homes and land, according to the Nanga Warcasters.

The group is seeking to reach out to the general public and mobilize them to take part in the cleanse.

“We urge everyone to take the following actions immediately and without delay: “1.

Take a cleansing breath.

Take your time and make sure that you are cleansing your air and water.


Take steps to clean your home.

Clean the floors, walls, and ceilings with your bare hands, using water, bleach, and detergent.


Put the kitchen sink in the sink, and wash the floors and walls with soap and water to clean them of any dirt and grime.” 

The group has received numerous death threats over their efforts to help the Nagar people.

On the group’s Facebook page, the message says, “This is not a war.

We are not going to fight.

This is a clean-up effort to save our home and land from environmental pollution.

“The Nagar Warcasters are a group of Naga warriors who live at the outskirts of the Amazon rainforest in the Philippines.

Their leaders have been working to cleanse the environment of pollutants, which the Nampa tribe has long used as a religious tool to protect their homeland.

The environmental group is calling on the public to participate in the event by donating to the cleanup effort.

They are doing this by using the environment as a weapon,” said Naga tribal leader Marisa Ochoa. “

They want to clean the atmosphere and water, but they’re really destroying the environment.

They are doing this by using the environment as a weapon,” said Naga tribal leader Marisa Ochoa.

The Naga people have been fighting pollution for generations, and they were the first people to discover that humans can pollute the environment in a way that can be harmful.

In 2014, the tribe was forced to evacuate from the Amazon in what was considered one of the worst environmental disasters in history.

They were forced to build a new village and travel by land to other parts of the world to live.

Ochoan told Al Jazeera that she believes the Nala have been taking a very long time to understand what is happening in the environment and that their leader is still clueless.

While the Nangas are not a traditional war party, Ochoas believes that the organization’s leadership is trying to force them into a fight.

“We’re tired of them,” Ochoans said.

“They’re trying to take us back.

It’s not good for them.”

In their statement, the group says, The Nanga warcasters have not only been battling environmental pollution, but are also taking action to help protect the land and people from the dangers of pollution.

The groups work together to educate people about environmental issues. 

“We encourage you to take this clean-air action as an action to support the health and safety of your family, your home, and your land, and to show that you care about the environment,” the statement reads.

If you live in or near the United States, please consider supporting the Nagas Environmental Cleanup Fund and make a donation.

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