When Blizzard’s Warcraft III: Reaper of Souls launches in 2018, it will include a new game mode called “Battle Royale”.

Blizzard Entertainment is adding a new multiplayer game mode to World of Warcraft, and it’ll be available for all players at launch.

Warcraft III: Reapers of Souls is a multiplayer first-person shooter, similar to its predecessors Warcraft III and Warcraft III Reaper of Soul, with a twist.

It’ll be in a much simpler version of Warcraft III that will include no quests, crafting or leveling, but instead be a game mode where players can take on the role of an army of heroes in a battle royale with other players.

It’s a new way to play the game that Blizzard said was inspired by the popular Warcraft III Arena mode.

In the Arena mode, players could take on multiple characters with different abilities and fight other players with the same classes or races.

Reapers of Soul is the first game mode that will be included in Blizzard’s Reaper of Games: Online expansion.

The expansion will come out later this year.

Reaper of Souls will be the first Blizzard game mode available to all players, with it being available in a completely new game world.

Blizzard has also announced that the game will have an online leaderboard for players to compete against each other.

In a blog post, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said Reaper of Worlds will be a new mode for the game, and that it’ll provide a new and fun way to experience the game and expand on the game’s core game elements.

The Reaper of Times is the only game mode in the Reaper of Heroes series, and the first time Blizzard has released an expansion for World of WarCraft.

The Reaper of Seasons expansion released in February 2018 added new content, such as new pets, new maps and other new features.

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