Raid Times (8 PM ~ 12 AM EST)
Progression: Tuesday - Thursday

Current Progression:
Highmaul: 7/7(N), 7/7(H)

Guild Leader:

Tnknspnk, Marylyn, Myri

ith Warlords of Draenor underway, now is the time for new, old and returning WoW players to become guilded by applying to VII.

The lists of accomplishments the Members and Applicants of VII has is impressive.

But, what if your accomplishments are not as recent or not as impressive as what you think may be needed to be considered for a highly competitive Mythic raiding team?

The answer is VII's Warlords of Draenor Open Recruitment:
  • You are still going to have to apply.
  • You will still have to provide us with your experiences.
  • You are still going to have to make a commitment of three nights per week while meeting your own personal goals outside of raids to maintain your performance in raids.
  • You will still be tested once raiding is underway.
  • You may still be cut or set as a second string bench warmer.

Mythic raiding is for a decidedly hardcore audience of WoW players. However, most of the competitive raiders we knew have long since resigned from WoW. With prominent guilds merging and folding with Mists of Panderia and now rebuilding for Warlords of Draenor, it is evident that the pool of competitive players available for WoW has experienced attrition. Exacerbating this has been the return of veteran players with Warlords of Draenor that have a Cataclysm and or Mists of Panderia experience deficit, limiting the scope of feasibility for incumbent competitive guilds to maintain support for more than what their rosters are already committed.

What this gives you as a player and VII as a guild is opportunity.

When opportunity knocks...

Despite the idioms, opportunity doesn't knock at your door, let alone only once. You have to kick Opportunity's door down and clear the room. Fortunately, the path to Draenor is wide open as we have besieged the Dark Portal, kicked in Iron Horde teeth and set up camp outside as we prepare to burn it to the ground and build our own Portal with a plaque that reads:

Let me be the first to congratulate you on our success.


Guild Leader of VII

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